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Read Gold Digger (1999) comic online

Gold Digger (1999) Comic

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Name: Gold Digger (1999)
Alternate Name: Gold Digger (1999) 1999
Year of Release: 1999
Status: Ongoing
Author: Fred Perry
Genre: Fantasy
Views: 522,787
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Read Gold Digger (1999) Comic Online

Gold Digger is a series about Gina Diggers (a brainy and nerdy archeologist), her adopted sister Brittany/Cheetah (a were-cheetah), and Brianna (a hybrid clone of Gina and Cheetah). Their dad is an arch mage and their mom is a weapons master from a high fantasy realm called Jade. Their lives are... interesting to say the least.

Gold Digger (1999) Chapter (Issue) List